Saturday, August 8, 2015

Drove to PDX, flew to SAN, then to BDL over a 3 week period...the return trip consisted of the following:
5.30 am Taxivan to BDL, driver sings along to reggae CD (by the late Gregory /Isa-acs/, his cousin) and drives on backroads.  Excellent beginning.
7.15 am Aeroplane to LAS, then another to PDX.  First was crowded with folks who had to use the bathroom constantly, including a guy who took his paperback in and forgot to zip his trousers. Twice.  He should wear underwear.  The two stewards must have been punch-drunk because even by SW Airlines standards, they were wacko.   Second flight was smaller and quieter, thankfully, with two lovely, subdued flight attendants.
arrive at PDX early afternoon:  babies sick, so I offer to take the Train to Beaverton, then a bus to Tualatin, and a second to Sherwood.  Sat down on a wet seat on the last bus. So disgusting!   Daughter picks me up in the van, so I ended the day as it began, but about 15 hours later.  and Taylor Swift, not reggae.

Flight from MID to BDL:  a young man with a working dog sat next to me in the bulkhead seats.  Beautiful shepherd/labrador mix reminded me of my beloved Max.  I was allowed to pet him, and we became good friends, the dog and I.  Barkley was not fond of flying, and ended up either pressed against my leg, or lying on my foot.  His owner was terrified of landing and takeoff, but Barkley and his ipod got him thru both.  One of the nicer flights I've taken.