Wednesday, January 9, 2008

i don't hate much of anything

several days ago i googled some word and ended up looking at a blog entitled "I Hate Everything". It was caustic and amusing and i found small shards of envy and admiration poking at my heart. I thought, "i could do something similar, for i love to be sarcastic and witty". When i began to create a blog, however, i discovered I couldn't be negative. So many words, ideas, facial expressions, actions, and etc. that are negative occur constantly in this world. i realized I needed to grow up and focus, as i did when a child, on those pieces of life which make living bearable. Sometimes these might be a catalyst for gratitude that my life is easier than another's, sometimes simply reminders that this IS a wonderful world. I do not want to JUST rant, even intelligently.

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