Sunday, August 24, 2008


it's pure loveliness to have a child home from her new life in a foreign land on a far-away continent. She shares verbiage constantly, which i use to create my own inaccurate visuals of her world. But it's something. And it is pure amusement to have a second child working w/ "the blind rebbe and his crotch-sniffing seeing-eye dog". She struggles daily to work under a selfish, spoiled bully, calling often to debrief the latest insanity. She's in a lot of pain, but learning invaluable lessons about life and herself. Already a strong soul, this experience will make her invincible if she toughs out the year. A third child struggles with medical issues and needs, a fourth with the new demands of motherhood, the last with a very challenging step-child (and her child) living lazily in her home. All of them are doing well, vacillating between pain, joy, growth, and equanimity. I think they were raised with the skills they need to survive.

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